Director Message


Dear Students,

Welcome to Kamakshi Institute of Nursing. Thank you for selecting this institution for your training with a noble aim of serving the humankind. We all are created by god and the events happening in this world are under his control. he runs this world using people like you and me. when you do your work without expecting anything in return, just for the joy of brining happiness to others, that is when you realized it is not in your hand which do the job, it is the hands of god.


Nursing is a noble calling. wherein god wants to use people as a channel to do his job of caring for the once enable to care for themselves. he has invited you to be a partner in this high calling.The institute is in serene atmosphere at provides conducive environment for the students. the students of this institution pursue education in an atmosphere of love, attention and freedom  with discipline.
Attitude of positive thinking, self confidence and sense of purpose are instilled in the minds of the students for their successful of completion of the course and my good wishes are with them for the success in their life.

I wish you a success and bright future




V.K Saini.